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Florida Shuffleboard Association, Inc.

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Most recent update: 01/26/2017

Ron Nurnberger

We Are Here To Serve

Ron Nurnberger President
Jerry Stannard 1st Vice President
David Welsh 2nd Vice President
Jim Smith 3rd Vice President
Margaret Hartzler Secretary
Margaret Hartzler Treasurer
Nancy Sclafani Keeper of Records
Jerry Stannard State Delegate
John L. Brown Alt. State Delegate
Dolores Brown Tournament Director

Tournament Directors: Dolores Brown
             Jo Miller, Dave Minnich, Lois Bennett, Joyce Marquis

Margaret Hartzer and Pat Batdorff are assisted Tournament Directors

Margaret Hartzler, Paul Knepper, (T.D. BSC only)

Preview Coordinator: Margaret Hartzler

WEB MASTER:  Peter Berg