Florida Shuffleboard Association, Inc.

Most recent update: 02/18/2018 

We congratulate these players for advancing to State Am status next season:

Cau Huynh, Elaine Antaya, Patrick Antaya, Charles Stannard, Marilyn Rodman, Donald Trottier, Mary Fowler, Rita Marderosian

We congratulate these players for advancing to Pro status next season:

Doris Mularz, Carol Maxwell, Jim Clark, Kay Lynn Duncan, Don Sprague, Kathy Laver, Charlotte Broda

D-19 One player must be a District Am. No points earned by anyone

World Shuffleboard Championship High River, Alberta Canada July 15-20, 2018  37th ISA Player Package

improvements at the city’s shuffleboard


Bradenton Shuffle Club annual Dues will be $20.00 Oct. 1, 2017

Interesting Rule change


NOTE:  At the SWCD meeting January 3, 2015 it was 'moved' and approved that starting immediately no two State Amateur players that elect to play in a District Amateur Tournament can play together as partners.