Florida Shuffleboard Association, Inc.

Most recent update: 04/21/2018

North Shore League Captains for the 2017-2018 Season

Ellenton Gardens-                                     Jim Lessard 

Leisure Lakes-                                        Carol Butcher 941-722-3613
Palmetto-                                                   Bill Comford 219-608-4050 
Tidevue-                                                    Tony DeLuca 941-212-4946
Terra Siesta-                                           Lloyd Schmidt 941-722-2908
Tropic Isle-                                                    Jerry Rahl 517-388-2083
Tropic Isles-                                             John Stewart  941-400-6480

We congratulate Terra Siesta for being this season's Champion!

Northshore League Standing as of March 7, 2018

1st Terra Siesta 149.5
2nd Tidevue 129
3rd Leisure Lakes 113.5
4th Tropic Isles 107
5th Ellenton Gardens 85.5
6th Palmetto 80.5

Play Day March 7, 2018

Ellenton Gardens 7 at Leisure Lakes 8
Palmetto 7 at Tidevue 8
Tropic Isles 7 at Terra Siesta 8

Play Day February 28, 2018

Leisure Lakes 7 at Tidevue 8
Tropic Isles 10 at Ellenton Gardens 5
Terra Siesta 7 at Palmetto 8

Play Day February 21, 2018

Ellenton Gardens 6 at Palmetto 9
Tropic Isles 7 at Leisure Lakes 8
Tidevue 5 at Terra Siesta 10

Play Day February 14, 2018

Palmetto 4 at Tropic Isles 11
Tidevue 5 at Ellenton Gardens 10
Terra Siesta 9 at Leisure Lakes 6

Play Day February 07, 2018

Palmetto 7 at Leisure Lakes 8
Tropic Isles 6 at Tidevue 9
Ellenton Gardens 2 at Terra Siesta 13

Play Day January 31, 2018

Leisure Lakes 8 at Ellenton Gardens 7
Palmetto 2 at Tidevue 13
Terra Siesta 7 at Tropic Isles 8

Play Day January 24, 2018

Tidevue 3 at Leisure Lakes 12
Tropic Isles 7 at Ellenton Gardens 8
Palmetto 4 at Terra Siesta 11

Play Day January 17, 2018

Ellenton Gardens 11 at Palmetto 4
Leisure Lakes 8 at Tropic Isles 7
Tidevue 3 at Terra Siesta 12

Play Day January 10, 2018

Tropic Isles 10 at Palmetto 5
Ellenton Gardens 5 at Tidevue 10
Leisure Lakes 5 at Terra Siesta 10

Play Day January 3, 2018

Palmetto 7.5 at Leisure Lakes 7.5
Tidevue 9 at Tropic Isles 6
Terra Siesta 7.5 at Ellenton Gardens 7.5

Play Day December 13, 2017

Ellenton Gardens 4 at Leisure Lakes 11
Tidevue 8 at Palmetto 7
Tropic Isles 1 at Terra Siesta 14

Play Day December 5, 2017

Leisure Lakes 2 at Tidevue 13
Ellenton Gardens 6 at Tropic Isles 9
Palmetto 2 at Terra Siesta 13

Play Day  November 29, 2017

Palmetto 10 at Ellenton Gardens 5
Tropic Isles 6 at Leisure Lakes 9
Terra Siesta 4 at Tidevue 11

Play Day  November 22, 2017

Palmetto 7 at Tropic Isles 8
Tidevue 13 at Ellenton Gardens 2
Terra Siesta 9 at Leisure Lakes 6

Play Day  November 15, 2017

Leisure Lakes 8 at Palmetto 7
Tropic Isles 4 at Tidevue 11
Ellenton Gardens 0 at Terra Siesta 15



Final Northshore League Standing of the 2016/2017 Season

1st Tidevue 110
2nd Terra Siesta 108.5
3rd Leisure Lakes 84
4th Palmetto 83
5th Ellenton Gardens 64.5


Final Northshore League Standing of the 2015/2016 Season

1st Palmetto 129
2nd Terra Siesta 124
3rd Tidevue 117
4th Leisure Lakes 91
5th Ellenton Gardens 82


1. Other captain call or e-mail to home captain playerís list before Wednesday and home captain response before play on Wednesday.

2. Home captain calls in scores or sends by e-mail to Peter on Wednesday as soon as possible and definitely before 5 PM.            Need it this early to results in Newspaper.                    


North Shore League

By-Laws Revised 3/12/2014


a)      There will be a President and Secretary of the League.

b)      The President will appoint the Secretary, who will act as President when he/she is absent.


a)      The league shall consist of eight (8) clubs composed of six (6) teams each.

b)      There will be only one pro allowed on each team except if there are not enough amateurs available then 2 pros may play on the 1st team only.

c)      Each team captain must commit by April 1st of each year as to whether or not they will field a team for the following year.  The League President will notify any League Captain that has not committed by that date.


a)      There will be only one pro allowed on each team except if there are not enough amateurs available then 2 pros may play on the 1st team only.

b)      Any player participating in the North Shore League shall be a resident of the Park for which they are shooting or resident of Ridgewood.  A resident to Ridgewood can be used by any team if there are not enough available players in their own park.

c)      For no reason can a player have a substitute once a match has started!

d)      If possible, the day before the matches the captains will furnish by e-mail to the other captain.  Lineup should consist of better players at the top.

e)      Wheelchairs are acceptable.


a)      There will be a captainís meeting held at any league teamís clubhouse on the Wednesday before the league starts.

b)      The season will begin the second or third week in November.

c)      There will be no games scheduled within one week of Christmas.  League will resume play the first week in January.

d)      There will be a Captainís meeting the Wednesday following the year-end tournament.  Purpose of the meeting will be to elect the new President and deal with any new business.

Day of Play

a)      Unless weather does not permit (rain, wet courts), the home club will have the courts prepared for practice by 12:45 .

b)      After player line ups are set, captains will draw for courts.  This will be done before 1 PM.

c)      Once courts have been assigned, all players may shoot four disks, followed by formal set-ups (see below)

d)      Games are to start by 1 PM.  If a player does not arrive by 1:15 that game shall be forfeited.  If a player does not arrive by 1:30 then whole match will be forfeited.

e)      Each match will consist of 3 games.

f)        Games are to be 75 points OR 20 frames, whichever comes first.

g)      For the first game home club takes yellow.  Set ups will consist of two (2) discs for speed then two rounds of practice on your color.  Second game teams will switch colors and repeat the speed shots and practice rounds.  The third game, one player from each team lags all four discs of the color they shot in the second game. Yellow shoots first.  The fourth (4) disc will be the deciding disc.  In the event that the two final lag discs are too close to call, the home captain will measure with a tape measure.  It they are tied, one disc each will be shot again to break the tie.  There shall be no practice before the third game.

h)      Disputed discs:  There will be a call from a player on each side of the court, one home player and one visiting player.  If there needs to be a third call it will be done by the home captain unless it is on the captainís court.  In that case the visiting captain will make the call.  If both captains are on the court with the disputed disc, a person that the home captain elects will make the call.

i)        Scores earned by both teams will be posted on the scoreboard after each game and to remain  there until both captains indicate they have recorded the scores and agree on the final count of wins and loses.

j)        Rebeading of courtsóIf there is a dispute on rebeading of courts, visiting captain will shoot the same two discs from each end and make the decision as to whether additional beads will be put on.  If it is the visiting captainís court then home captain will do the shooting and make the decision.

k)                  After play is done and scores recorded, home captain is to be called into league reporter with the results as soon as possible.

l)                    Should a tie result between the 2 top teams at the end of the season, a playoff will be done.  It would be played on a neutral court under all by-law rules and would consist of 2 out of 3 games.

Weather Delays and Cancellations

a)      If there is a question about whether or not the weather is bad enough to cancel the matches, the two captains must agree.  If one team captain wants to play then the matches will be played.  If the visiting team does not show up to play, home team will get eighteen (18) points.  If two team captains agree to canceling, the points will be split 9-9.  No make up games will be allowed!!!

b)      Should the weather turns bad during play, teams are to wait 30 minutes before canceling the match.  Points for incomplete games will be split evenly.

Election of the President

a)      The election shall take place at the spring captainsí meeting.  If no member of the league volunteers to be President, the captains will elect a President. 

b)      The President is responsible for making up and distributing the next seasons schedule at the spring captainsí meeting.

c)      The President will be in charge of the end of season tournament.

d)      At the season ending meeting (spring) the President will report on the tournament and the monies that are in the treasury.

e)      Any new business will be discussed the final (spring) meeting.


a)      End of season tournament will be held the week after the final matches of the season or as soon as a site can be found.

b)      Only people who have played in at least one (1) league match (3 games) during the season will be allowed to play.

c)      Matches in the tournament will be conducted in accordance with the vote of the captains at the previous spring meeting.