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Most recent update was: 01/09/2019

Southwest Coast District Shuffle Club

Meeting Agenda

Saturday, January 12, 2019 at 1:00 pm

Bradenton Clubhouse




Steve Slaughterbeck President; Kathy Laver 1st VP; Bradley Thomas 2nd VP; 3rd VP Vacant;
Kay Lynn Duncan Recording Secretary; Margaret Hartzler Treasurer; Nancy Scalfani KOR;
John Brown State Delegate; Joyce Marquis Tournament Director, Alternate State Delegate Vacant

Absent: Paula Jacobson Corresponding Secretary

Total Club Presidents in attendance: 




President Report:       

Secretary Report:        Approve Minutes from November 2018 Meeting - Duncan

Treasurer Report:        Margaret Hartzler


First VP:

Second VP: Distribution of 2019 Preview


State Delegate: 

Tournament Director(s):




1.    Discuss SWCD Rule Changes for 8,D,1 and 8E, and 8G; and for No-2 Pros & Pro/District Am  Masters Tournament Docs  - Steve


2.    Revisit Margaret’s Motion below RE: Adding More No 2 Pros Tournaments

from the March 3, 2018 SWCD Board Mtg.-- Affects SWCD Rule 8 D 3

Adding More ”No 2 Pros” Tournaments - Bob Comford will check on Palmetto Park’s thoughts on Dec. 6 and 7, 2018 tournament and report back.  Dave Kudros believes amateurs are moving up too fast due to low turnout at tournaments.  Bob Comford motioned to change No 2 Pros to no move up points or master points. Dave Kudros seconded.  Motion withdrawn.  On same subject, serious discussion continued.  Margaret Hartzler made a motion there will be no move up points, but Master Points will be given for No 2 Pros Tournament.  Kay Lynn 2nd, Motion carried.


3.    Other




1.    Redistribution of Bradenton Tropical Palms District Tournaments to other hosting clubs.


2.    Redistribution of Palmetto State Am. Tournament to another hosting club.


3.    Create committee for Florida Hall of Fame Banquet to be held in Bradenton next year.

Charge: Determine HOF inductees to be honored at March 15th HOSS COLLAR/HOF induction ceremonies. Determine NEW date for District HOF tourney.   


4.    Need new date for Hoss Collar Tourney-as rain dates of 3/14-15-16/19 have been filled.


5.    Discuss how to cut expenses as revenue is down; and determine how much of past general funds should be used to pay bills – Margaret