Florida Shuffleboard Association, Inc.

Last update: 03/17/2020


 SWCD District Amateurs Masters of 2020 at Palmetto canceled!

Pos. Name wins
1st Paul Maille 0
2nd Karl Clark 0
3rd Daisy Fritz 0
4th Marcia Clark 0
5th Larry Russell 0
6th Janet Eisses 0
7th Murielle Lamy 0
8th Frank Robinson 0


 SWCD District Amateurs Masters of 2019 at Trailer Estates

Pos. Name wins
1st Janet Eisses 7
2nd Mary Federation 6
3rd Marcia Clark 3
4th Ursula Joyal 2
Pos. Name wins
1st Fernard Mountplaisir 19
2nd John Simmons 16
3rd Donald Cadotte 15
4th Jeff Kuhn 11
5th Karl Clark 10
6th Ron Timmerman 7
7th David Smith 5
8th Moe Joyal 1

Ties were resolved by skill shots!





 SWCD District Amateurs Masters of 2018

Pos. Name wins
1st Marilyn Rotman 14
2nd Mary Fowler 11
3rd Elaine Antaya 10
4th Rita Marderosian 10
5th Ursula Joyal 8
6th Martha Kaufman 6
7th Cheri Wargo 4
Pos. Name wins
1st Patrick Antaya 17
2nd Tony Sousa 14
3rd Cau Huynh 13
4th Dale Overzet 12
5th John Hoeksema 12
6th Donald Trottier 8
7th Mike Collins 5
8th Maurice Joyal 3

Ties were resolved by skill shots!




District Amateurs Masters of 2017

Pos. Name wins
1st Sandra Kolasinski 6
2nd Elaine Antaya 5
3rd Harriet Piccard 4
4th Marilyn Rotman 3
Pos. Name wins
1st Dave Evenson 13
2nd Ken Mather  13
3rd Jim Lessard  12
4th Cau Huynh  11
5th John Hechinger  11
6th Patrick Antaya 10
7th  Frank Marderosian 8
8th Tony Souza  6

Ties were resolved by skill shots


Left to right: Harriet Piccard, Sandra Kolasinski, Elaine Antaya and Marilyn Rotman 


Back row left to right: Patrick Antaya, Tony Souza, David Evenson, Frank Marderosian

Front row left to right: Jim Lessard, Cau Huynh, John Hechinger and Ken Mather  


March 23-26, 2016 at Bradenton

District Amateurs Masters of 2016

Pos. Name wins
1st Doris Mularz 15
2nd Shirley Pendergrass 14
3rd Janice O'Sullivan 12
4th Linda Irvin 10
5th Carol Maxwell 10
6th Kay Thoreson 10
7th Cindy Slaughterbeck 9
8th Barbara Young 4
Alt. None  
Pos. Name wins
1st Steve Slaughterbeck 19
2nd Arnie Congdon 15
3rd Gary Lindsay 12
4th William Hickman 10
5th Jim Clark 8
6th Ned Fogarty 8
7th Larry Belsely 7
8th Bill Bierema 5
Alt. Rick Hall/Ken Maxwell  

All ties were resolved by skill shots 


Left to right: Doris Mularz 1st, Carol Maxwell 5th, Cindy Slaughterbeck 7th, Kay Thoreson 6th, Linda Irwin 4th, Janice O'Sullivan 3rd, Shirley Pendergrass 2nd, Barbara Young 8th 

Left to right: Gary Lindsay 3rd, Arnie Congdon/Rick Hall 2nd, Bill Bierema 8th, Larry Belsley 7th, Williams Hickman 4th, Steve Slaughterbeck 1st, Jim Clark 5th, Ned Fogarty 6th, Ken Maxwell (not shown)  


District Amateurs Masters of 2015

Ties were resolved by skill shots

Final Standing Ladies Total wins
1st Kathy Laver 16
2nd Cheryl Putnam 14
3rd Dian Darrah 12
4th Donna Schultz 11
5th Kay Lynn Duncan 11
6th Judy Cross 9
7th Charlotte Broda  7
8th Marie Pierce 4
Alt. Paula Jacobson  

Ties were resolved by skill shots

Final Standing Men Total wins
1st Tom Putnam 16
2nd Adam Letz 13
3rd David Patchkowski 12
4th Bill Jenkins 12
5th Terry Weigel 10
6th Brad Thomas 8
7th Bernie Broda 7
8th Emmons Berry 6
Alt. Steve Slaughterbeck