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This is Donna Dunn from Battle Creek , MI she was president of our  
Battle Creek SHUFFLE board club for 19 straight  years.

Her and her deceased husband Earl were instrumental  in the running of the B.C. SHUFFLE club.  Donna is 91 yrs. young and she and Earl were inducted into the FL. Southwest HOF this yr.  Donna didn't  want  a jacket or anything but a plaque....Ron Nurnberger brought the District plaque from FL.


Lois Wegner – a retired teacher from Wisconsin was convinced by her husband Al to give shuffling a try. (He said she would love the sport and the folks even more).  Nineteen years later she is honored to play in her 4th Masters.  She is the first shuffle player from Tri-Par to earn the necessary 200 points necessary to be inducted into the Southwest District Hall of Fame.


Erika and Peter Berg 


Anna Nuttall (no Biography available)


Ron was a teacher, coach, Principal and Superintendent of Schools in Michigan. He also hosted his own High School Sports radio show each Saturday morning in Caro, MI for several years and did 'play by play' broadcasts of local high school football & basketball games. And for two years hosted a local cable TV sports show called "Coaches Corner." Ron was the President of the SWCD from 2014-17. He and wife Pam feel blessed to be part of the SWCD 'shuffleboard family.'


Paul Knepper (no Biography available)


Larry Taylor (no Biography available)


Mike and JoyceMarquis are natives of New Hampshire. They have been shuffling snowbirds since 2003. They have been shuffleboard volunteers since then. Joyce was secretary at Colony Cove, treasurer for the Southwest District and is currently treasurer for the Bradenton Shuffleboard Club. Mike has been President of Colony Cove, Southwest Coast District and is currently involved in the Florida Southwest Coast nonprofit organization.


Shirley Jones grew up in the small town of Lisbon Maine. She attended Lisbon High School where she met her first love. They got married after High School graduation. Shirley worked in an office while her husband finished teachers college. Two years later their son Jim was born and daughter Pam arrived five years later. Shirley was a stay at home mom until both of her children were in school. Soon after she worked as bank teller and loan officer in a local bank. She retired after 25 years when her husband of 37 years passed away. Shirley married for the second time. Fred was also alone after losing his wife. They both started shuffling in our district as Amateurs and consequently became Pros. Shirley accumulated well over 200 points in our SWCD. Shirley and Fred were both Vice Presidents of the BSC. Shirley also held the position as President for two years. She had to stop playing shuffleboard when Fred became legally blind and she took care of him for 5 years. Fred passed away January 18, 2016 he will be missed by all who knew him.


Larry Mardis (no Biography available)


Judy Taylor (no Biography available)


Ralph Lozano (no Biography available)


Shirley raised 6 children and all are college graduates.  She owned a beauty salon for 35 years and enjoyed talking to her customers.  Shirley’s 93 year old sister, Rita, wanted her to make the “FSA Hall of Fame” before she died and SHE DID IT!!  It took 14 years which might seem like a long time, but went by real fast because she had so much fun. She also qualified for the SWCD HOF with 272 points.  Shirley traveled to Australia and Germany to shuffle and made many nice memories.  She lost 2 of her best friend partners, My Becker and Faith Belott.  Marlene Colburn, Marilyn Everettt and others helped Shirley get her points.  She says that shuffleboard is a fun game  for seniors because you meet so many nice people.  Shirley met her husband, Gene, on the  courts and he encourages her.  She loves her family and fellow shufflers.


Marlene Coburn was born in Bay City, Michigan. She moved frequently to various parts of Michigan. Marlene retired from General Motors in 1984 and migrated to Franklin, NC and Bradenton FL with her husband Carson. They have been married for 34 years. Marlene started shuffling 1995 and immediately fell in love with the game. She felt that she found her niche in life playing this game. This year, she achieved her goal in the state to enter the FSA HOF with 200 points, and with 303 point in the SWCD HOF.     


Marie Hunter (no Biography available)


Dolores and John's Induction in our SWCD Hall of Fame by Jerry Stannard


Hollywood Had the Golden Globe Awards (2007 01 15)

Shuffleboard Had The Hall of Fame Inductions!!

Rev. John L. Brown - FSA Hall of Fame Recipient - January 15, 2007 by 

Roy Norman.

It is my sincere privilege to mention some highlights about our fellow shuffler and recipient of the FSA Hall Of Fame Award - Reverend John Leroy Brown.

Apparently there are many John Browns in North America. So many, that when John attempted to establish a screen name for his new computer last year it wasn’t sufficient to add his initial for his middle name so he tried “Rev” John Brown and it worked. Now although there may be many John Browns in North America, we know that none, but none, could be like our colorful and talented John Brown.

My first encounter with John was January 22, 1994. The evening before driving to Trailer Estates for a Pro tournament I received a call from my Southern District partner to tell me that he had taken his wife to the hospital and would be unable to play on the Monday. So as I was looking for a partner - guess who was also looking for a partner to enter his first Pro Tournament in Florida. That’s right a very young looking enthusiastic bubbly guy wearing a wooden cross with a smile a mile wide named John Brown - READY TO GO! In that tournament we placed second place in consolation, earning John one half point towards his Amateur Status. He then completed his Amateur Status in a one-year period. During a second one-year period year he completed his Pro Status. His first Pro point was earned at Sebring, on February 10, 1997. This was a very slow start compared to the year 2002/2003, when he earned 40 points, contributing to his goal which he is celebrating tonight.

John has been and continues to be an ACHIEVER. Be it as - a class president; high school valedictorian; flying an airplane at age 16; obtaining his private license for carrying passengers in an airplane at age 17; being elected as Outstanding Farmer in Indiana at age 28; returning to university, at age 33, and graduating as an Ordained Minister; serving as a Chaplain of the Children’s’ Home in Berea, Ohio.

At this time, John volunteered to offer “garden therapy” where he had as many as 80 emotionally disturbed gardeners using up to 51/2 acres of land for vegetables. He also supervised more than 100 Big Brothers and Big Sisters for 12 years; was a teacher; and even attended a Peace Rally in Russia with his daughter - Donna, who we are pleased to see, is here with us tonight.

Once you know John you soon realize that he is a “fountain of knowledge” a walking encyclopedia a regular “Mr. Google”. Talk about - politics, literature, history, geography, world travel, the comics, farming, comparative religions; how to grow lima beans; and yes ask the name of the invasive vine that is blanketing the trees in the southern states and John has the answer - Kudzu. Also, almost any topic mentioned reminds him of a good joke.

And as we know John’s energy and drive to ACHIEVE did not stop when he retired.

In SHUFFLEBOARD - John has -

- won the US National Amateur Singles held in Winter Haven in 1996.

- won the FSA, State Pro Walking Singles in Leesburg in 2002.

- played in 3 Pro Masters Tournaments

- earned his 200 plus points by playing with many, many different players -

With a special big total of 34 points earned with Allan Hamilton.

But the biggest credit by far goes to John’s Individual efforts since he has earned one third of his total points by walking, walking, and again walking in 12 Singles competitions.

The finale to his achievement was when Ben Coy and John won first place in Betmar to give John the final 5 points to make the magic total of 202 points for the FSA Hall Of Fame Award.

To continue John -

- was President of the South West District two years.

- played 4 times on the US - International team

- was State Delegate for the S W District to the FSA

- at present serves as Regional Representative for the US National S. Ass.

- with Al Hamilton as his partner this Can-Am team won the CNSA Doubles

Championship in Chatham, Ontario - not ONCE but TWICE!

-has been very successful in summertime shuffling in Lakeside, Ohio winning two National Doubles with Walt Wadel - and in addition to all of the above, for the past 8 years, John has been managing to find time to write a regular weekly article on Shuffleboard happenings which appears in the Bradenton Newspaper, and not merely reporting results and announcing upcoming events but giving many human interest stories about shufflers, as a “color commentator” for shuffleboard.

- and again in addition to all of the above John has been very active in helping players to find partners - by his sign-up sheet for upcoming tournaments. Without a doubt John’s accomplishments contributing to the sport of SHUFFLEBOARD IN FLORIDA have been a demonstration of intelligence, talent and perseverance.

Not only is it of some note what John has accomplished but there is more that he could have accomplished with a little more cooperation.

For example, Trailer Estates courts might now have an installed roof over their courts if that young upstart John had got his way a few years back. But have no fear John is still working on that idea and as usual it is hard to keep a “good man down”.

There is no doubt that John is a “bundle of energy and brains“. Can you imagine living with a guy like that? Well therein lies part of the secret for his achievements - that is, his intelligent and devoted wife and partner for the past 50 years - one of our best Shuffleboard Tournament Director ever - the wonderful lady Dolores Brown.


Ben Coy (no Biography available)


 Al Nuttall graduated 1957 from the Bridgewater State College, earning his Master’s in 1961. He enrolled for additional education at Boston State College and Boston University. He played 3 years Varsity basketball. He taught history at Norton High School from 1957 to 1994, in 1964 he became Dep. Chairman. At a young age of 22 he became President of the Norton Teachers Association, leader of the Bargaining Committee. He also was the chairman of the Social Studies Department and held that position for many years. He coached basketball for the 7-8 grades. He became a girls’ Varsity Coach in 1981. He won 3 League titles and  never had a losing season. Al also coached the Golf Team, won 6 straight titles and again never had a losing season. He was named Coach of the Year. Al retired in 1994 at the age of 59. On a personal note. He married Anna Daidone 1965. They had 3 sons, 5 grandchildren. (4 boys and a little princess). Al and Anna had to wait 45 years for that moment. Al and Anna started their shuffleboard passion 1998. Al played in the Amateur Masters in 2002 finished in position # 4. He also played in the Pro Masters in 2007 and was the alternate in 2010. Al served as the SWCD President and the Bradenton Club President for 3 years. He has earned the honors to be in the SWCD Hall of Fame.          


Chuck Daidone was born in 1928 and raised in DuQoin, IL. Sue Bowman Daidone was born in 1935 and raised in Lancaster, PA, they met in Lancaster when Chuck moved there to learn the photo-engraving trade from an uncle.

They met in the summer of 1951 and married on June 26, 1954. Chuck had several photo-engraving jobs and so they moved several times before settling in Turnersville, NJ in 1968. Sue and Chuck have 3 children, John ( who lives with them), Cathy (who lives across the street from them) and Charlie. (who lives near Atlantic City, NJ.) They have 5 grandchildren and 1 great-granddaughter. They moved to Ridgewood in 1992 and entered into the world of shuffleboard in 1997. They made many wonderful friends they met and played with, during their shuffling years. 

Sue has been very active in our SWCD. She started a blog a few years ago and keeps most of our shuffle friends up to date with all the age related problems. 

In Sue’s own words: 

“Hopefully we have many more years left to play this wonderful game”.


Pat Batdorff was inducted with 382 points in the Ladies' Division. The first time Pat shuffled she was in her early twenties, on vacation from Michigan, visiting her parents at Paradise Bay Mobile Estates, Bradenton. Her mom talked Pat into playing in their black and red, (now yellow) pot luck. July of 1978 Pat moved from Michigan to Bradenton. She teamed up with her mom in the district tournaments. One of the highlights of early shuffling was Pat and her mom played in the same District Masters! I must add, many of you know Rita Coy, she played in the District Masters that year also!  Pat's first win was in November 1985. After a few years Pat put shuffling on the shelf and went back to work.  She retired from a law firm after working there for 14 years.  Pat loves the game, each game is so different and each player is unique. Pat is so thankful for the great friends she has made over the years which is the best part of shuffling! Pat deserves the honor to be in the Hall of Fame.  Pat is currently in training to become a Tournament Director, showing great promise to be very good at that as well. 


Dick Whitaker has 505 lifetime District Points (curiously enough to be tied with fellow member Ann Wedel for first in the District).  Dick has served as an officer and has won many, many tournaments  Dick’s first win was in February, 1982  with his partner Russ DeHart, with whom he went on to partner for many years.


Jim Bailey’s family grew up on a farm in UP State NY. His dad was working two jobs and they moved into to a small town near the old farm. After playing Soccer and Baseball in High School. Living in a poor area Jim and his buddy,s decided to see the world so they joined the USMC and off to Paris Island, SC they all went! After 4 years of service he started working in construction. Then he met his future wife Ninfa. They were married on 12-31-1960 (her Birthday). 

Finally he landed a job at Kodak and stayed there for 30 years. He retired in Dec.1st. 1991. They then bought a motor home and left for FL. He started shuffling in 1996.

Below is a story written by Ninfa a few years ago:

Jim Bailey grew up on a small farm in upstate N.Y.  Upon graduating from high school Jim Sr. sold the farm and moved into the village of Sterling.  Work in 1955 was hard to come by so he signed on to a local contractor.  Being seasonal work Jim was laid off.  After some coercion from a couple of his cronies they all met at Mary’s Restaurant and there sat a Marine Sargent in his dress blues, medals and ribbons. We all said that’s for us.  Little did we know what lay ahead for us in Paris Island boot camp?  Momma come down here and take us home!!!   

Jim competed 4 years and was honorably discharged.  Back home work was still hard to come by so he hooked up with a company that put up farm silos; that was also seasonal.  About that time he met a wonderful gal named Ninfa who after a whirl wind romance became his wife on Dec. 31, 1960; that is also Ninfa’s Birthday.  It is still going strong after 56 years.  Only God and Ninfa know why she put up with him that long.

Jim and Ninfa moved to Rochester where she was from, where he started working in a paint factory to help pay the bills. 18 months later Kodak called (the big yellow box) and there he stayed for 30 years. Moving up the ranks Jim was in charge of a 400 million dollar coating machine that produces movie and Kodacolor film. This machine ran 24-7.

In 1991 Kodak wanted to down size and they offered a retirement package that he could not refuse.  Therein began a new chapter in their lives.  In Dec. Ninfa and Jim bought a Motor Home and were on their way to Fl. settling in Palmetto where Jim’s Parents lived.  Jim’s Dad was 86 and his health was starting to fail.

That first winter in Florida Jim started doing his first love and that was fishing and playing a little golf.  Jim’s Dad died in June of 1992 and he cherished the time he spent with him.  Time marches on and Jim & Ninfa moved into an RV park where Jim ran into Dan Sullivan a new friend who in 1996 talked him into playing shuffleboard, (I hate him to this day HA HA). Jim’s first tournament was at Bradenton Tropical Palms in the Senior Games not knowing rules or any procedures of the game.  Jim brought his cooler of beer and found out that was a big NO-NO.  At the Senior Games Jim ran into a lady who became a lifelong friend who was cheering for him to win in the singles event “Betty Downing”.  Jim played against Sam Barnett and others who were Pro‘s, not knowing what a Pro or a drift card was AND you’re not supposed to beat a pro!! He did.  Jim went on to win the tournament and Betty placed the gold medal around his neck and gave him a hug.  Wow this was fun!!!

Dan Sullivan talked Jim into going to Tucson, AZ where they competed in the National Senior games.  Jim went on to win the gold medal in singles and Dan won the Bronze.

In the fall of 1997 Jim joined the Bradenton Shuffle Board Club.  By this time Jim was feeling his oats until he ran into people at the club who knew how to play the game.  He listened and practiced and took his lumps and some butt chewing by his friend Walt Wedel.  Wherein he ran into a lady and declared “I love this game”, she replied “oh know we have created another monster”.  That lady was Ann Hersom. God Bless her.

Jim started up the ladder of success and in the fall of 1999 he was approached by Dave Minnick and asked if he would be interested in running for the State Board as 3rd vice (Jim was already on three Boards in the district)  After much soul searching he agreed.  Ninfa hates Dave to this day.  JUST KIDDING.

Jim owes his success to many, too many to name because he would leave someone out so to them he says God Bless he loves you all.

Ninfa is no stranger to the “cue”!! She and Jim qualified for the Senior Games in three States in 1998; Florida, Kentucky and New York.  They went on to win gold at the National Senior games in Kissimmee.  Ninfa has also shuffled in International Events!

As explained by Jim and Beth Allen, Jim (Bailey) made the shot that was heard around the world, the shot that won him the World Singles in 2009 in Betmar, FL. (He needed a 10 on his last shot to beat Ken Offenther).

Jim is a Past President of the FSA and also a member of the FSA HOF.


 Marilyn and Jerry Everett are from Northern Maine, 30 minutes from the Canadian border. They retired in 2000 and moved to Paradise Bay. They have two married daughters and three grandchildren attending college. Along the way, she and Jerry worked for 30 years as professional Ski instructors and race coaches in Maine and New Hampshire. Marilyn played in 11 Open/Pro Master Tournaments and won 5 of them. Her first one was the Amateur Masters in 2001. Jerry is already in the FSA HOF and Marilyn is well on her way with 172 points currently. They are both very active in our district as Tournament organizers and teachers for new referees. They both earned the honor to be in our SWCD HOF. On a personal note, Marilyn expressed that shuffleboard is a wonderful way to meet new people, make friends and exercise both mind and body, while partnering with many terrific ladies and men along the way.       


On Thursday, January 14, at Golf Lakes at the Opening  Ceremonies of SWCD D-12, Bett Pitts of Ontario and Golf Lakes was inducted into the SWCD Hall of Fame.  Bett reportedly placed in a tournament for the first time on December 18, 1993.  Her first time to win first place was February 8, 1994.  She now has more than the 200 points to qualify for induction.  Bett has over the years spent much time and effort encouraging novices to learn to play better. Bett and her husband, the late John Pitts were regulars in district tournaments for many years and this column salutes Bett as having worked hard to earn the honors.  Bett’s comment, “I had good partners”.


Paul Miller of Pinecraft  has played shuffleboard for about three decades and was inducted into the Florida Shuffleboard Hall of Fame in 2010.  Paul and Mary live in Pinecraft  and Paul has won many District tournaments as well as state tournaments.  A native of Iowa, Paul became an Instant Pro before gaining much experience in the District.  Back then one had to accept Pro Status if you earned it.  Players today sometimes reject becoming instant pro as it is now optional to wait until next season.  Paul Miller is a gentleman and a sportsman, and he has earned this honor.



Jim and Jo Miller also live in Pinecraft in season and have a home in Northern Indiana as well.  They have three adult children and several grandchildren.  Jo is a great cook, sometimes favoring others with delicious foods.  She is also a great tournament director and has ten years’ experience at keeping everything fair and smooth at local tournaments.  Jim and Jo together have sparked many improvements at Bradenton Shuffle Club, including remodel of the office, tables and chairs in the hall and keeping up the courts, discs and restrooms.

     Jim not only is already in Florida Shuffleboard Hall of Fame, and has won many State and District tournaments, but he also has resurfaced many of the district clubs’ courts.  We all thank Jim for most of the recent court improvements around here and for inspiring many of us to play better.  Jim has won top honors in Florida and SWCD Masters many times and he continues to play most of the tournaments offered and does it in first class style.




Jerry Stannard welcomes Mel Erb as the first member into the newly formed District Hall of Fame


 Spring of 2015 the Southwest Coast District voted to establish a long-awaited Southwest Coast District Hall of Fame under the leadership of a committee chaired by Jerry Stannard.  The first official act of the new Hall of Fame occurred Thursday, October 22-2015 at SWCD Tournament D-3 at Bradenton.  Mel Erb of Ohio and Pinecraft, a top player the past two decades became the first inductee.  Mel wishes to thank all those who made this honor possible, including the SWCD Board, all his partners over the years and his many friends and well-wishers.  Mrs. Anne Erb and Mel received a standing ovation from the players and officials at the tournament.

Bradenton Shuffle Club has become the site of the Southwest Coast District Hall of Fame. Wall space in our main meeting room has artifacts and pictures of inductees.