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We need more Cheerleaders like Sue Minnich. Job well done Sue!


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We Lost Gene on 2016 12 23.  May He Rest In Peace.

We Lost Gene on 2016 12 23. May He Rest In Peace.

The Southwest Coast District lost one of its most popular shufflers recently. Gene McCullough passed away after a short illness December 23, 2016 in Bradenton. Gene was from Michigan and worked for the Michigan Milk Producers Association for 44 years. Gene was also an Army Veteran and very passionate regarding all Veterans. Gene is survived by his wife Shirley, his brother Lonnie and was preceded in death by sisters Becky and Dixie.

Gene married his present wife Shirley from Bradenton in 2011. He proudly helped with Shirley's induction into the FSA Hall of Fame in 2014. You would see the two of them together at major State shuffleboard tournaments  as well as our SWCD tournaments. 

Gene was known for his toothpick (in his mouth) while he shuffled---he would twist it around some as he pondered each shot. He was known for his outgoing positive and 'joking' personality.

We could all take a lesson from his genuine humor and friendliness to all he came in contact with on and off the court.

Ron Nurnberger, SWCD President  2017 01 07


This photo was taken a few weeks ago when Gene and Shirley were on a cruise. This was on ST. Kits.


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