Florida Shuffleboard Association, Inc.

Last update: 03/28/2018

Pro Masters

March 21-24, 2018 at Golf Lakes

 SWCD Pro Masters of 2018

Pos. Name wins
1st Lois Wegner 13
2nd Cheryl Putnam 13
3rd Evelyn White 11
4th Arlene McCague  11
5th Pat Tomko 11
6th Linda Wallingford 11
7th Shirley McCullough 8
8th Marlene Coburn/Judy Cross 6
9th (Alt.)  
Pos. Name wins
1st Faren Van Degrift 14
2nd Jim Miller 13
3rd Bob Kendall 11
4th Ron Nurnberger 11
5th Ralph Lozano 10
6th Grant Childerhose 9
7th Dwayne Cross 9
8th Larry Taylor 7
9th John Mickle (Alt.)   

Ties were resolved by skill shots!






Ron Nurnberger's picture not available


 Pro Masters of 2017

Pos. Name wins
1st Lois Wegner 14
2nd Pat Tomko 14
3rd Adriana Cramton 12
4th Arlene McCague 12
5th Linda Wallingford 11
6th Evelyn White 8
7th Bonnie Walker 7
8th Heather Godson 6
Alt. Siggy Gudzus  
Pos. Name wins
1st Jim Miller 18
2nd Mike Marquis 10
3rd Lowell Williams 10
4th Larry Taylor  10
5th Tom Putnam 9
6th Phyl Booher 9
7th Ed Leonard 9
8th Ron Nurnberger 9
Alt. John Roberson  

Ties were resolved by skill shots




Previous Standing of the SWCD Pro Masters of 2016


Pos. Name wins
1st Nancy Sclafani 13
2nd Letha DeVries 12
3rd Arlene McCague 12
4th Pam Nurnberger 10
5th Pat Tomko 10
6th Marilyn Everett 10
7th Erika Berg 10
8th Adriana Cramton 7
Alt. Debra Williams  


Pos. Name wins
1st Jim Miller 15
2nd Jerry Everett 14
3rd Mike Marquis 12
4th John Roberson 11
5th Ron Nurnberger 9
6th J.R. Rathburn 9
7th Clarence Gingerich  8
8th Peter Berg 6
Alt. Larry Mardis  

All ties were resolved by skill shots


From left to right: Debra Williams (Alternate), Pam Nurnberger 4th, Nancy Sclafani 1st, Arlene McCague 3rd, Marilyn Everett 6th, Pat Tomko 5th, Erika Berg 7th, Letha DeVries 2nd, Adriana Cramton 8th 

From Left to right: John Roberson 4th, Peter Berg 8th, J.R. Rathburn 6th, Mike Marquis 3rd, Jim Miller 1st, Jerry Everett 2nd, Ron Nurnberger 5th, Larry Mardis (Alternate), Clarence Gingerich 7th (not in picture) 


Previous 2015 Master players below

Final Standing Ladies Total wins
1st Terri Smith 12
2nd Alice Barlow 12
3rd Margaret Hartzler 12
4th Letha DeVries 11
5th Erika Berg 11
6th Nancy Sclafani 11
7th Bonnie Walker 8
8th Pam Nurnberger 7
Alt. Arlene McCague Ties were resolved by skill shots
Final Standing Men Total wins
1st Dave Kudro 13
2nd Peter Berg 12
3rd Jerry Stannard 12
4th Ron Nurnberger 12
5th Jim Miller 12
6th Ed Leonard 10
7th Charlie DeVries 7
8th Dwayne Cross 6
Alt. Nelson Kellogg Ties were resolved by skill shots