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SWC DISTRICT NO 2 PRO’S AT BRADENTON(2-16) by Ron Nurnberger


WINNERS IN THE LADIES DIVISION (L-R): Second Place: Adriana Cramton & Helen Lunsford. First Place: Kay Lyn Duncan & Arlene McCague.

WINNERS IN THE MENS DIVISION (L-R): First Place; Bill Bierema (Amateur) & Dwayne Cross (Pro); Second Place; Ron Nurnberger (Pro) & Cau Huynh (Amateur) NOTE: Dwayne Cross needs only three more points for SWCD Hall of Fame!

Go here for complete Results:  and thank you to Ron Nurnberger.  2018 02 17.


Ron Nurnberger Speaks:  Another hidden ‘GEM’ in the SWC District.

Sea Breeze Mobile Estates has but Six Courts but it’s history is deep. For many years Hugh Townsend, a Champion in FSA Shuffleboard and teacher ‘extraordinaire ’ at Sea Breeze captained the Sun Coast League (league in existence more than 35 years!) Sea Breeze team to first place for 17 Straight years! Sea Breeze also has been a member of the Manatee Wednesday traveling league for 25+ years. The Monday Ladies league team, captained by Helen Lunsford for many years (and now Pam Carr) is currently in first place and also has a rich (over 30 years) history.

A few year ago, Ed & Joyce Reinke started a Thursday morning ‘Fun’ Shuffle and they fill most courts each week.




SIDE NOTE: Charlie & Letha Devries dragged Pam and I down to the courts when we first moved here. This is where we learned the game!

Reporting for the SWCD, Ron Nurnberger.  2018 02 16


STATE AMATEUR A-18 AT GOLF LAKES (SWCD) Pictured here are the winners from A-18 (from left to right):  First Place; Michael Sadler (Riverside) & Rob Cochran (Trailer Estates).  Second Place went to Rita Marderosian (Golf Lakes) & Mary Fowler (Golf Lakes).SEE FSA-SHUFFLEBOARD.ORG FOR COMPLETE RESULTS


Lights ON!!!

Nelson Kellogg on left; Frank Mardeosian on right.

Another ‘GEM” in the SWC District. Those who Shuffle Locally and State-Wide know the reputation and quality of shuffleboard at GOLF LAKES in the SWCD. They shuffle daily at 1 PM, host FSA and SWCD Tournaments, while also playing in The Manatee Wednesday Traveling League (directed by Frank Mardeosian at right in pix).

By thinking “Out of The Box,” Golf Lakes May have solved a common (amateur players) concern. We all know Amateurs are hesitant to compete in some shuffleboard venues because they don t want to get beat so bad they are embarrassed!

But GOLF LAKES came up with a new format that has become ‘Popular’ with area amateurs. First of all they play Tuesday Nights under the lights (see pix).

Buts it’s the FORMAT that is popular. No TEAM can be ahead by more than “30 Points” in the 16 frame game. Pro at one end and amateur at the other (when possible). Therefore, your ‘Team’ is always in the game and has a chance for success. Nelson Kellogg (at left in pix) has been the ‘Driving Force’ as President of the Golf Lakes Shuffle Club off and on for many years. But this may be one of the ‘Best Suggestions’ he and his Board have come with.



Pictured above are BTP President Russ Spoto (center) with Shuffleboard coordinators, Jean Felske (left) and Pam Devereaux (right).


Another Hidden ‘GEM’ from the SWC District. Bet you didn’t know that every Monday at Bradenton Tropical Palms (SWCD), up to 90 players Shuffle in their Park League.

How many Clubs in Florida can top that! Bradenton Tropical is just down the street from the Bradenton Shuffleboard Club and has been a great host of local and FSA State Amateur Tournaments. Monday’s weekly Shuffle also finishes with a cook-out for all. (Click on pic to expand)

They are one of the most popular District Tournament Hosts (SWCD-Thursday’s) because they serve a ‘Complete Menu’ luncheon. Players have been known to come ‘just’ for their lunch!

Sent along by Ron Nurnberger.  2018 02 09

Congratulation Pam Nurnberger for reaching the magic 200 points, to qualify for the FSA HOF.

Five (5) Time Florida State Singles Champion Jim Miller (plus 9 Nat’l Singles Titles) and Two (2) Time State Singles Champion Pam Nurnberger brought home the ‘Hardware’ representing the SWCD at Sebring this week. We are very proud of their accomplishments. Ron Nurnberger finished 1st. in cons. (PB)
BUT, the “The Real Honor” goes to the Sebring Shuffleboard Club, organizers Larry & Ruthie Brown, President Harold Comeau, Coleen Austin, CD President Dave Stockman and the entire FSA board of directors. PLUS, the many club workers who made the 3 day tournament and Banquet a success. Those who have attended many HOF Banquets praised this one by saying “You can’t top this” as the ultimate compliment.
The SWCD wishes to congratulate the 6 new HOF inductee’s and again, all who contributed to its success.
Reporting for the SWCD, Ron Nurnberger


FSA Hall of Fame Inductees: Glenna Earle, Linda Marshman,  Dave Kudro, Tara Goldman, Landy Adkins 

58th Annual Hall of Fame Banquet and Induction: Nancy Sclafani was inducted in absentia.   (Most pix by Stan McCormack) Stan Speaks: I want to express appreciation, on behalf of all FL Shufflers, to Neil Simpson for his outstanding contribution to our game!! One example: Neil, at 04:00 (like four o'clock this morning) HAD SENT this article to the  Highlands News-Sun!!  

Neil Simpson Speaks: The Island View Restaurant at Sun N Lake was filled with 137 shuffleboard enthusiasts Monday evening as the Sebring Shuffleboard Club hosted the 58th annual Florida Shuffleboard Association (FSA) Hall of Fame Banquet and Induction Ceremony.

Shuffleboard has a long and storied history. Those who have played the game across Florida for many years have grown to become like a large family who all know one another and take pride in one another's accomplishments.

A shuffler earns points by competing in tournaments as a district amateur then moves up to the state amateur level where she or he must earn still more points to qualify as a pro. When a shuffler has earned 200 points they are inducted into the Hall of Fame. This year there were five inductees who had reached the 200 point plateau.

In golf, the green jacket is worn by those who win the Masters Tournament in Augusta. In shuffleboard, the green jacket is awarded to those who accumulate 1,000 points. Currently in Florida there are three living shuffleboard masters who have reached 1,000 points. Two of them, Earl Ball, from Zephyrhills (Seated beside Earl is Glenda Brake)  and (Seated beside Glen is Eileen) Glen Peltier, a Canadian snowbird from Chatham, Ontario with a winter home in Clearwater, competed in this year's tournament and were acknowledged at the dinner.

FSA Central District President, Doug Stockman thanked the Sebring Club for organizing a great tournament and banquet, (Pic far left: Organizing Chairperson, Ruth Brown and husband Larry) Seated with the Browns are  the Stockmans, President Doug and wife Pat)  Sebring Mayor, John Shoop, welcomed the crowd to Sebring and Highlands County which he dubbed “our little slice of heaven”.

Those involved in shuffleboard are very concerned about the dwindling number of participants in the sport. FSA President, Dave Kudro is on a mission to bring new, younger players into the sport.

Kudro presented an “Award of Gratitude” to Colleen Austin of North Ft. Myers for her tireless efforts and always going above and beyond the call of duty. Colleen prepared a display board about each of this year's Hall of Fame Inductees and created special bobblehead trophies for each.

Each of the player inductees was introduced by a friend, had a chance to speak about their shuffleboard career and then were awarded a Hall of Fame pin and plaque. Themes that emerged from the speeches were the camaraderie in the sport, the support received from other players to help the inductee on his or her path to 200 points and the long lasting friendships that resulted from being immersed in the world of shuffleboard.

The 2018 player inductees were: Glenna Earle of Zephyrhills, Tara Goldman from Lake Worth, Dave Kudro of Bradenton, Linda Marshman also from Zephyrhills and Nancy Sclafani, of Ellenton. Sclafani was unable to attend the ceremony due to her husband's failing health.  (Pic at top.)

The final award of the night was for Landy Adkins who was inducted into the Hall of Fame with the President's Award. Her list of shuffleboard accomplishments in Florida and Ohio, as well as in International competition, is extensive. Adkins was the first female president of the Florida Shuffleboard Association. (Pic at top)

Narrative by Neil Simpson, Ambassador of the Heartland Games.  2018 01 16

Recently, The Bradenton Shuffle Club had a thought!  Let’s try something new that will be Fun, Attract Amateurs, and fill some of the ‘Holiday’ Shuffle Downtime from State  & District Tournaments.  Thus ‘JINGLE MINGLES’ was created.  Today (Friday, Dec 29th), 6 /16 frame games (with great prize money) format and with separate Pro & Amateur Divisions drew 71 Players! 39 Pro’s and 32 Amateurs!  It was ‘Festive & Friendly’ with much ‘Jabbing & Needling’ on the most Enjoyable Atmosphere (one of those—-u had to be there type humor!).  Tournament Directors were Joyce Marquis & Pat Batdorff.

PS:  The Free  ‘Holiday Cupcakes’ May also have helped!,


PRO DIVISION:  (left to right):  Jim Bailey, 1st Place; John Brown, 4th;  Gil Broadhead, 3rd;  Tom Putnam, 7th; Hank Hoekstra, 8th; Cheryl Putnam, 10th;

John Roberson, 2nd; Bob Kendall, 9th; Not Pictured; Levi Miller, 6th & Bill Batdorff 9th.


AMATEUR  DIVISION:  (left to right):  Jim Clark, 3rd Place; Jan Gandy, 5th; Norm Williams, 4th; Carol Maxwell, 2nd;  Charles Stannard, 6th; Mike Collins, 1st; Larry Fowler, 7th;  Helen Lunsford, 8th.


FSA President Dave Kudro Speaks: The Florida State Pro/Open Roll of Champions P10 tournament held in Lakeland Florida on December 4th and 5th 2017 was a great success.

The weather was pleasant and there were 162 shufflers and over 20-30 visitors and spectators.
The new award presentation was a success and the display of trophies and plaques, when grouped together, was an impressive sight to all in attendance. Several shufflers, when not playing or having lunch, were observed looking at all the names of the winners. Smiles, deep thoughts and memories were rekindled by not only the names of last year's champions, but years and years of past champions. Some of the past champions have passed but will never be forgotten as Shuffleboard is a family. Seeing some of the names gave me goose bumps just thinking that Ladies Champions Mae Hall, Joan Cook, Joan Wheeler, Ellen Davis, Jane O'Bird, Mary Aldridge as well as Men's Champions Glen Peltier, Bill Folberth, Earl Ball, Mike Vassalotti and many other champions over the years, were awarded these same trophies and plaques in over a 100 years of Shuffleboard. What a history for all of us to be a part of.
The Gold, Silver and Bronze pins were presented by the FSA Executive Board with Bob Horvath and Bob Smith awarding the Men's pins and Marti Noble awarding the Ladies Division. A special thank you to Colleen Austin for her pictures during the presentation and especially all the hard detailed work with adding the names and also adding pictures of those shufflers who couldn't make it.
Receiving so many positive comments about the recognition and award presentation I hope to take next year's award ceremony to possibly another level. One thing for sure is to include all the AMATEURS with the pros in recognizing their achievements. I'm going to be looking at an awards event separate from doing it before a tournament. I will be working with the full board to see if there is interest in a yearly award and family picnic. The FSA board would supply and cook the hamburgs and hot dogs and each District would bring different sides. For instance the Northern, Central and Southern District could provide salads, Southwest, Central East Central and West Coast homemade deserts. Open shuffling, games, music and possible themes could be added.
We must all think outside the box and if we all work together as a team and family, we can promote shuffleboard and bring in new members. "Let us do together what we can not do alone "

Dave Kudro FSA President



The ‘Gorgeous’ Palmetto SWC District Shuffleboard Club hosted our 2nd Annual BLACK FRIDAY fun day tourney.

by stanistheman

LtoR AMATEUR: Carol Maxwell, 5th; Jean Coward, 3rd; Tony Deluca, 2nd; Shirley Pendergast, 1st; Larry Fowler, 4th.

LtoR. PRO Joyce Marquis, 4th; Heather Godson, 2nd; George Godson, 1st; Ron Nurnberger, 3rd; Ann Dirkse, 5th.


The ‘Gorgeous’ Palmetto SWC District Shuffleboard Club hosted our 2nd Annual BLACK FRIDAY fun day tourney. Pro’s and Amateurs alike participated. Although a ‘rainy mist’ may have hampered attendance, over 50 players showed up and enjoyed the ‘free meal’ and great prize money.

Palmetto Club President Dave Evanson stepped outside after a 20 minute weather delay, looked to the heavens and asked for ‘Clear Skies!’ Immediately, the ‘mist’ subsided and play began.

But on this day (It was the Godson’s!); George Godson (former Canadian Hockey player) took first place in the Pro division while his wife Heather (still a great softball player in her own right) Took second!

In the Amateur division, Shirley Pendergast was first and Tony Deluca second.

Reporting for the SWCD, Ron Nurnberger

PRO: Left to right: Joyce Marquis, 4th; Heather Godson, 2nd; George Godson, 1st; Ron Nurnberger, 3rd; Ann Dirkse, 5th.

AMATEUR: Carol Maxwell, 5th; Jean Coward, 3rd; Tony Deluca, 2nd; Shirley Pendergast, 1st; Larry Fowler, 4th.

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Charlie De Vries Accepts His MI State Hall of Fame Award.

Ron Nurnberger Speaks: Pam and I (along with Larry & Judy Taylor) visited Charlie and Letha today and I presented him with his Michigan Hall of Fame Certificate.  Charlie is doing much better. He has now been hospitalized for 10 months.  A difficult challenge to say the least. His wife Letha has been ‘his strength.’ She has been at his bedside ‘every’ day.  They both said ‘their faith’ is pulling them through.  Charlie is a former President of the Michigan Shuffleboard Association.  We all ‘prayed together’ and teased  Charlie a little as he always used to do to us.  Slowly but surely with our prayers we can see him coming home soon.  Letha says  ‘many thanks’ to all the cards and well wishes.  Please stop and see him if u can—he loves cards and visitors!   His address is:
ROOM 109
SARASOTA, FL.  34240

Final results of the FSA Master Tournament 2017
Congratulations to all SWCD players, especially #1 Terry Smith on your left, and Pam Nurnberger #2 for the ladies!

From the SWC District, all in their White Jackets, Dave Kudro,#6 Terri Smith,#1 Pam Nurnberger,#2 Ron Nurnberger, #5 Jim Miller #3

SWC District was well represented during the 2017 Masters!!  See Pix above. Pix sent along by Ron Nurnberger with thanks.

See the final results for Ladies and Men:LRF    MRF



John Brown to be Inducted Into the ISA Hall of Fame in Lakeside, OH this Summer!!

The cowboy hat John Brown wears atop his head any time he’s at the Bradenton Shuffleboard Club or Trailer Estates Park and Recreation isn’t just his signature look. With its wide brim and pins stuck across the crown, Brown’s hat tells a story.

There are pins from tournaments he has won in Florida. There are pins from clubs he has never played at, acquired in trades he made with opponents long ago. The simplest one on his hat right now is a flag — a big red dot and a white surface. The Japanese flag is a reminder of just how far shuffleboard has taken Brown.

“I’ve played twice on every continent but Africa,” Brown said. “There was always some people who’d never heard of it.”

He was part of inaugural tours to Ireland, Denmark and Brazil, bringing the first shuffleboard games ever to the countries. He has played for the United States national team eight times at ISA Team World Championships, and his international competitions have taken him to Australia, Canada and Japan. He believes his column, which has run in the Herald every week during shuffleboard season since 1994 when he moved to Bradenton and began playing consistently, is the longest continuously running shuffleboard column in the world.

That worldliness is perhaps the most important piece of a resume that has led to his selection to the International Shuffleboard Association (ISA) Hall of Fame. The Hall of Fame has 72 members. Brown, who has lived in Bradenton during winters since the mid-1990s, will become the 73rd — and 31st American — in either June or July.

“It’s the only sport I ever excelled at,” Brown said. “It’s the greatest sport in the world. It’s a sport you can play from the age of 5-105.”

His life in shuffleboard began as a 10-year-old in Covington, Ind. His uncle was a seasonal resident in Florida and later founded the Florida Shuffleboard Association Hall of Fame. Brown quickly grew fond of the sport and decided he wanted to do well enough in his life to retire to Florida and take the sport more seriously.

Seventy years later, Brown admits there are many better players than him, but few have done more to promote the growth of the game in recent decades.

Despite shuffleboard’s roots in England, the sport most firmly took root in the United States, bypassing other countries in the United Kingdom and Europe, which is what led to two of the inaugural tours in Ireland and Denmark. The third, to Brazil, came in 2002. On each tour, they would set up temporary courts in recreation centers and town halls. In Denmark, he once spoke at city hall in Copenhagen, teaching the city’s lord mayor the history of a sport that had originated nearby.

“There were always some people who’d never heard of it,” Brown said.

He spent summers in the 1990s and 2000s playing with the U.S. national team and is a former winner of the country’s spirit award. During the 1990s, he chaired a committee tasked with trying to unify the disparate rules used across the world as part of an effort to get shuffleboard into the Summer Olympics. Florida, ultimately, wouldn’t budge.

He was inducted into the Florida shuffleboard hall of fame in 2007 and the United States’ national association’s hall of fame in 2010.

This summer’s induction ceremony will take place in Lakeside, Ohio, where Brown spends time each year helping run youth tournaments in one of the largest shuffling communities outside Florida. The ISA wanted to hold Brown’s ceremony in Brazil, where, 15 years after helping to introduce the sport to the country, the nation is playing host to the world championships. However, Brown’s wife of 60 years, Dolores, prefers not to travel, so the parties settled on Ohio.

Article sent along by Ron Nurnberger

PAM NURNBERGER and TERRI SMITH WIN SHUFFLEBOARD SEASON P25 by placing 1st in The Mel Elgersma Memorial at Lakeland FL.

Southwest powerhouse shufflers Pam Nurnberger and Terri Smith teamed up and met up with some stiff competition having the first one taking only two, however, the next two matches going three games just to make it to the quarters. Once into the quarters Pam and Terri settled in and the remaining three matches were achieved in two games each for the win.

Both of these two dynamic shufflers will be playing in the Florida State Masters April 3-6th at Spanish Lakes Resort Fort Pierce Florida. This will be Pam's and Terri's  third consecutive Masters with Terri last year's State Masters Champion.

Visitors and spectators are always welcome to see and cheer on shuffleboards top 8 men and 8 Ladies as they show their shuffle skills April 3-6 at Spanish Lakes Resort Fort Pierce Florida. Admission is free

Dave Kudro

1st Vice President FSA


  Hoss Collor winner of 2017 Ron Nurnberger


2017 Hoss Collor winners #1 Ron Nurnberger, #2 Kathy Laver, #3 John L. Brown

Our Board of Directors 2017 from left to right: Jerry Stannard (President) Steve Slaughterbeck, Kay Lynn Duncan, Paula Jacobson, Margaret Hartzler, Kathy Laver, Brad Thomas, Nancy Sclafani, John L. Brown and Dolores Brown
Just think..if we had real lights the courts could be used much more. These people are from First Baptist Church in Palmetto. It was done by Kathy Boutwell and Jean Wilson, Jr. Everyone sure looks like they enjoying themselves!!! Thanks to Kathy and Jean for getting this event. Sue
Well look who won the Natl Doubles Championship at Trailer Estates!!  Our own Hank Hoekstra and Bob Comford. Congrats to both of you great players!!!! 

P16 We Give You the Women’s Results! Sent along by Ron Nurnberger.




In 1st place, proudly holding the Plaque, is Pam Nurnberger.  In 2nd place we have Terri Smith!  Congrats to both from All Shufflers!!  JOB WELL DONE.

Ron Nurnberger Speaks: Pam Nurnberger won the 2017 Ladies Singles State Championship at Holiday Travel Resort in Leesburg Wednesday, January 18th.

In a stellar final between two of the States (and SWCD) best players Pam Nurnberger and Terri Smith, Pam emerged as this years Champion. It ended with an exciting 3rd game finish of 53-47.

Pam Nurnberger began shuffling in Bradenton in 2011 when she won the SWCD District Amateur Title.  She followed the next year (2012) by winning the SWCD Pro Ladies Title.  She has also appeared twice in the FSA Masters Tournament (2015-2016).

Finishing 4th in the main was another excellent player from the SWCD, Flo Kowalewski.

NOTE:  The Banquet and play at Hawthorne Shuffle Club & play at the Holiday Travel Resort went off without a 'hitch.'  Kudo's go to both clubs and especially President Bob Robinson for his leadership.

Submitted by: Ron Nurnberger,  SWCD President.  2017 01 18.

To view the Complete Results of P16, click:


(2017fsa6) Marlene Coburn into the FSA HOF, Player Award.

by stanistheman

2017-hof-brochure-inside-copy marlene-1-personal-history marlene-2-shuffle-awards marlene-cover

Display created by Colleen Austin.  Posted by Stan McCormack. 2017 01 16.


Congratulation Dave and Ron. At Sebring Orange Blossom Tournament P-14A (January 3/2017) Ron Nurnberger & Dave Kudro took first place! Dave made the magic number of 200 points to enter the FSA HOF


Congratulations to Nancy Sclafani. She reached the 200 point plateau to qualify for the FSA HOF 12/14/2016


Gold medal winners from our SWCD: Pam Nurnberger, Nancy Sclafani and Terri Smith

Gold medal winners from our SWCD: Jim Miller, Dave Kudro and Jerry Stannard

Fan of the Year, 102 Year Old Gib Stannard and Son Jerry.

Jerry has for some time donated $1.00 for each year his father has lived.  In case you were not aware, father Gib celebrated his 102nd anniversary of his birth THIS YEAR.  Although not shuffling this year, I understand he does show up to support Jerry!!  Thanks Gib for honoring us with your presence this year.

At its weekly SWCD tournament held at the Bradenton club today, club members 'sang' happy birthday to 'Gib' Stannard to celebrate his 102nd birthday.
Gib spent the morning watching his son Jerry play.  At noon he went home to take a Nap and then came back in the afternoon to watch Jerry's next match!  Two weeks ago at the SWCD 'pins' presentation for last seasons  top ladies and men players, President Ron Nurnberger  presented Gib with a special award named for him: "SWCD fan of the year!"  Sent along by SWCD President Ron Nurnberger with THANKS.

You may wish to go here:  AND THIS TOO:  Stan McCormack, 2016 12 01.


Lowell Williams President of Palmetto and his crew did a super job at the Black Friday Tournament
Gerry Curwin, wins the Turkey

SOUTHWEST COAST DISTRICT 1st annual ‘BLACK  FRIDAY’ shuffleboard event a HUGE success! 2016 11 25.

1st: Phil Krick.  2nd: Carol Maxwell.  3rd:   Tony Deluca.  4th:   Michael Sadler.  5th:  Harriet Piccard.

1st: Phil Krick.  2nd: Carol Maxwell.  3rd:   Tony Deluca.  4th:   Michael Sadler.  5th:  Harriet Piccard. Top 5 Amateur Winners    

Top 5 Pro winners: 1st:   Jim Miller.  2nd:  Donna Schultz. 3rd: Jim Vatter. 4th:  Tom Putman. 5th:  Carol Lumsden 

Top 5 Pro winners: 1st:   Jim Miller.  2nd:  Donna Schultz. 3rd: Jim Vatter. 4th:  Tom Putman. 5th:  Carol Lumsden  

SOUTHWEST COAST DISTRICT 1st annual 'BLACK  FRIDAY' shuffleboard event a HUGE success!

The "Palmetto Shuffleboard club" hosted our first "Black Friday" tournament with a 'word of mouth' turnout of 80 players!

President Lowell Williams and the Palmetto Club served a 'free lunch' with it's entry fee of $10 per player. 42 Pro players made up one division and 38 Amateurs made up the other.

Besides a 50/50 drawing, the Palmetto Club also had a drawing for a free TURKEY donated by the local Palmetto 'Winn-Dixie' store.

Prize money was given to the TOP FIVE players in each division. 1st Place (in each division) paid $75 with the following 4 places in proportional increments. 

Ron Nurnberger.